Night Thoughts

by Hayden Brook

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released July 4, 2017

All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Hayden Brook

Album cover by Asaf Rovny (
Spoken Word - Frankie Lagana (
Spoken Word - Madison McIntyre (



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Track Name: Restless (Intro)
I lay awake at night while the whole world goes to sleep, mind racing eyes dashing hearing every little peep.
I just can't, I can't go to sleep.
Who are my friends, what even are friends? Aren't they the people that are supposed to stick with you to the end?
What, whats going on inside my head.
Track Name: Creative Jail
[Verse 1]

So afraid of people out there
Judging me behind a screen that's unfair
I just need to put myself out there
And not give a damn about who cares

The thoughts in my head I can't even bare
Putting myself down daily because that's what's there
I just wanna see the other side of this
Maybe it's better than my side of this

I feel like I'm locked in a creative jail
All my thoughts on the wall that failed
My life is just a sad tale
I really need to break out of this jail

[Verse 2]

The hate I get is always there
I'm always negative and that's unfair
The songs in my head are stuck in there
I can't get them out anywhere

My friends are close but not always there
I have one who will always care
I rarely smile when I'm anywhere
But your laughs and love gives me reason to care

I overthink everything
Going outside or getting a drink
being jealous or making a stink
My brain is locked inside this shrink


Inside outside where you gonna go
People always judge you there's no end to the show
Being broken down is all I know
The clouds in my mind will never go
Everyone's outside living their lives
I'm sitting inside trying to cope and write
My music is the thing that keeps me up at night
I just wish that I could win this fight
Track Name: Opinions (Skit)
Hey hey, you can't let how you think other people will perceive you stop you from doing what you love, everyone has opinions but they don't matter, you have to follow your heart, do what you love, yea, not everyone will like it but it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is if you like it.
Track Name: What's Wrong
Many days you can think to yourself what's wrong with this world, what's right
It's the little things that keep you up at night
The stars the air and the indecency at first sight
It's hard to tell if you are wrong or right
But if you surround yourself with people that make you feel delight,
You my friend are doing it right
Track Name: Eyes on the Horizon (Skit)
Hey, look I know things are tough right now, but take some deep breaths, you have to keep your eyes on the horizon
Track Name: Reflections (Outro)
I honestly don't get it, why am I so worked up about posting my music and why do I always care about what other people think of me, I try to work on it but it really doesn't change my views of it, I'm scared, so scared of whats to come, but I think that this is a good first step.